What We Do?

Now live a hassle free life & save thousand of dollars spent on renovations as Gill Construction Group are free from common problems like dampness & termite due to our very thorough knowledge of the subjects. Dampness brings skin problems, our well ventilated homes ensure you healthy life !!

“The quality and timely completion of our projects is testimony to the effectiveness of our human assets. We have been continually working to build and manage motivated pool of professionals by grooming internal resources and recruiting the right skill from the market, develop a high performance work-ethic and create a culture of continuous learning and skill development.


Our Commitment

We ensure to complete your project with the proper guidance and quality construction services. Our clients have to go with a single channel of communication to show their requirements. We clearly provide the overall analysis, feasibility, strategy, and cost estimation of the project to our valuable clients. We also takes responsibility to design and build your dream projects. You will surely feel free to get all the quality construction services.

Our Services

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial Construction is the process of constructing infrastructure dedicated to business activities. It requires proper planning as it tends to be larger than a general residential building. We work closely wit h our clients from the outset, offering our tec hnical expertise and fo reseeing any potential problems and better, m ore innovative ways of constructing from the outset.
Industrial constructions come in the large scale infrastructures for companies or factories. Most of the industrial constructions include business design, install and maintain big structures with power plants, warehouses, factories, and many more.


Interior Designing

We are leading the way in the construction industry through offering innovative solutions from the design through to build stage. Alongside our extensive experience in traditional builds, we are pioneers who continuously innovate and find better ways to deliver projects.
We are special ized in to create conce ptual designs with the modern concept on eve ry project we take. We have been delivering quality design and professional service to its clients for 6 years. Our experienced professionals are ready to shape up your dream projects in reality.

Estimation and Costing

Gill construction Group is a team of skilled and licensed building contractors who have a vast experience to meet the client’s expectations. We still actively subcontract for a select few clients but over the past decade we have operated more as a principal contractor.
We provide general construction, estimating, and structure designs to meet expectations on every project. The initial phase of any construction project is cost-estimating and pre-construction services. We check every possible angle of construction, determine scenarios, calculate costs, and estimate expenses.

Structure Design

We are known for our ability to problem solve, collaborate and innovate to help cut through complexity, maintain timescales and keep costs to a minimum for our clients. We make it our mission to provide peace of mind for our clients, and aide them to make sound preparations for their upcoming projects.
We are specialized in to create conceptual designs with the modern concept on every project we take. The best structure design service grants our clients a single source over the time of the whole project.