We are a leading provider of infrastructure services, construction and property developments and committed to delivering for communities and leaving lasting legacies through our work. At the core of our project delivery is technical excellence, utilising the latest building methods, innovations and technology to ensure we offer the best value for our clients.


Our Vision and Mission

We strive to provide High quality, On-time and Cost effective construction solutions to our clients. We aim to become the most preferred General Contractors in Ontario, Canada.
Our focused approach & vast experience coupled with our integrity to honor our commitment has built us a reputation as one of the most trusted Contractor in GTA, Canada.
Quality, Honesty and hard work are the three pillars of our company's existence.

Our Approach

Whatever the project, sector or client, we approach it in the same way. We look to bring our specialist knowledge, experience and fresh thinking to create workable solutions in everything we do, whilst delivering social value for local communities.
We are a business with local passion and national reach. In each community, we leave what we call positive footprints by operating in a way which adds financial and non-financial value to the local economy, to society and the environment.


We Specialized in:

Quality Constructions

We are able to provide all the quality constructions services through planning and on-time completion of projects. Our dedicated team of architects, structural designers, and contractors enable to give you the best infrastructure for your dream projects like residential, commercial, and industrials, etc.

Structural Design & Safe Constructions

Structural safety plays an essential role in different construction projects. We at Gill constructions ensure to our valuable clients best architectural designs with safe constructions. There is no chance of any structural failures because we work with the latest equipment and construction procedures. Structural engineers are a highly specialized area of safe construction.

Earthquake Resistant Structures

There is a need to build all the buildings with earthquake resistant design of structures. We can only improve the performance of a building by its flexibility. With ductile detailing, all the buildings provide more considerable deflections and enough time before the collapse of structure. We also ensures to make the Earthquake resistant design constructions of RCC building by considering earthquake load using the equivalent static load method.

Financially Stable

With no borrowing, substantial reserves and a strong bank balance we have the financial strength and resources to meet our Clients’ requirements and are in a strong position to expand to accommodate additional capacity.

Continuous improvement is of the utmost importance to our team. One of our values is ‘Be experts’ and we fulfil this value by continuously reviewing and improving what we do. After each project, we have a close out meeting with our client’s team to see what worked well and what we could improve on. This is shared with the business, so we can continually improve our processes and the way we work.